Technical Overview

Empower your organisation to make effective decisions, anywhere. 

Create your self serving
Insights & Segmentation Hub

Send data in realtime

Feed data in realtime through Kafka, Event Hubs, Amazon SQS or a REST API. Other custom options available. Contact us for further information.

Database or data warehouse ETL

If real-time data is unavailable, worry not, an integration based on ETL/ELT can be handled directly by ETL generally takes around 3 to 5 weeks to develop depending on the complexity of the datasource(s). 

Everyone is different,
customise your organisation’s workspace

Custom data
retention plan

Select your own data retention plan depending on your organisation’s need

Optional private

Exclusive control: Opt for a dedicated private instance tailored to your organisation’s needs

Optional private

A dedicated database with external read access for enhanced third-party integrations

Optional custom

Choose optional custom hardware for tailored solutions & requirements

Granular data

Precision at your fingertips: unlock granular data access with attribute-specific user permissions

B2B Custom

Leverage B2B custom datasets for unique insights beyond our standard offerings


Experience seamless co-branding with tailored domains, logos, and single sign-on

Custom keywords
& KPIs

Customise your experience with personal keywords and tailored KPIs
Integrations & Partners

Request a list of datasets supported

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