AI & Generative models

AI, Natural Language & Generative Models

Natural language processing (NLP) is the branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables machines to understand and interpret human language. It allows us to interact with technology in a more intuitive way, making it possible for us to converse with chatbots, virtual assistants, and smart speakers like Alexa or Siri. In this article, we will …

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NLP – What is next after GPT-4?

Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4 (GPT-4) is the latest release in the GPT series, a language model that has transformed natural language processing (NLP). GPT-4 is expected to be even more impressive than its predecessor, GPT-3, with enhanced performance and the ability to complete more complex tasks. However, with the fast-paced technological advancement, people are already … – What is next after GPT-4? Read More »

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