Where data becomes your ally, not a challenge!

Empower your organisation to make effective decisions, with self-service Natural Language BI

Preloaded with reports & dashboards

Enjoy immediate advantages with over 300+ ready-to-use reports, key performance indicators, and metrics, along with several prebuilt dashboards. These comprehensive tools cover a wide range of areas including product analysis, payments, user acquisition, rewards, and more, all specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization in the Gambling sector.

Query in natural language

Betintel.ai stands at the cutting edge of Gambling Natural Language Technology, boasting an extensive lexicon of over 3,000 keywords. Immerse yourself in the convenience of using conversational natural language queries to unlock answers to most of your data-related questions. Experience the future of data interpretation, where your insights are just a question away.

Analytics filtering

Discover a dynamic way to delve into your data with Betintel.ai's unique interactive feature. Effortlessly select from multiple static reports, enabling you to drill down and filter data for a multi-dimensional analysis. Gain deeper insights and understand your data from various perspectives with this innovative tool.

Report sharing & locking

Enhance your team's collaboration with Betintel.ai's flexible privacy settings for reports and dashboards. Tailor your data sharing experience by effortlessly creating both private and public reports and dashboards. Empower your teams by selectively sharing specific reports or dashboards, facilitating efficient and targeted information sharing.

Multi brand support

Unlock the power of unified brand management with Betintel.ai! Experience the ease of managing multiple brands under a single account, streamlining your workflow with seamless integration. Dive into the convenience of crafting comprehensive reports and dashboards for all your brands, effortlessly gathered in one central location.

All the data you need at your fingertips

Game & Content


User Acquisition



Player Behaviour

 KPIs & Metrics

Custom Datasets

Everything you need to discover your data


Auto clustering of customers on player behaviour, metrics, KPIs, content, user acquisition and more, enables the creation of segments with a single click.

Industry specific KPIs & metrics

Effortlessly access industry-specific KPIs and metrics with no effort. Peek at preloaded reports or easily add any KPI and metric to your segments or reports.

Custom dashboards & reports

Import existing prebuilt betting & gambling dashboards or create your own analytics workspaces using entirely conversational Natural Language.

Ad hoc

Ask questions and build reports entirely using Natural Language, enabling an intuitive and user-friendly approach to handling and analysing data.

Data groups/access

Manage access rights for each of your dashboards and reports. Restrict data access for specific datasets or specific attributes.

Ad hoc

Transform reports into targetable segments, or create segments effortlessly by using conversational Natural Language.


Push segment data to third party platforms including CRMs, PAMs & backoffices by using segment publishers via REST API.

Mobile & tablet

Access all your analytics needs, including dashboards and reports from anywhere. Efficient decision-making on the move!

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