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Your Gambling Data at your Finger Tips. No More Waiting for Answers.

Empower All Your Organisation

Executives, marketing, affiliation, CRM, operations, product managers, finance - a few of several key departments. Knowledge is power - with data covering all aspects of an organisation, tap into your data, uncover insights without waiting and get the answers you need.

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Organise Your Own Personal Workspace

Choose from over 300 pre-built reports  or create your own by using conversational Natural Language. Build a productive workspace to take effective decisions, whether at the office, working remotely or on-the-go. 

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Discover your peak productivity zone and explore the
possibilities with

Which of my casino active players last month
have not been active this month?
Show me the list of depositors last month
who are not active in sportsbook this month
Show total registrations, acquisition source,
conversions, conversion rate
 for the current year
Show the total NGR by month for the current
year for acquisition source [Organic] 
What are my total net deposits this month? List my top 100 depositors by deposit amount for
the previous month
List the top 20 casino games by total GGR for
 the past 3 months 
What was the RTP on casino games category
[slots] last month?
Show the total active casino customers and total
NGR for the current year group by month
Show the top 500 players with the most bonuses
this week. Include lifetime NGR in the result

Dedicated BI team

Enable every member of your organisation by delegating and automating your standard reporting and ad hoc queries to This will free up your Business Intelligence specialists to focus their skills on uncovering more profound analytical insights, driving innovation, and promoting strategic development across your company.

No BI team

Upgrade your data strategy for less than the cost of a BI professional using Offer your entire organisation the ability to engage conversationally with gambling & betting data, complete with tailored reports and personalised workspaces. is your key to effortless, data-focused empowerment, where ever you are.

All the data you need at your fingertips

Game & Content


User Acquisition



Player Behaviour

 KPIs & Metrics

Custom attributes

Easy to get started

A product built for the gambling & betting industry with over 300 preset reports and prebuilt dashboards.

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Enhance your marketing strategy

Identify and build segments in Natural Language. Send segment data directly to your CRM, PAM or any third-party.

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Anytime, anywhere

Efficient decision-making on the move, offering data access anytime, anywhere, from mobile, tablet & desktop.

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Make yours

Create your own workspaces and reports. All the information you need for effective decisions at your fingertips.

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