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Add unparalleled insights to your platform with a Betintel white-label

Improved Performance with Gambling Natural Language Technology

Effective decisions lead to an optimised organisation and higher revenue. Offer your operators the only co-branded platform designed for the Gambling & Betting industry, equipped with Gambling Natural Language Technology.

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Promote data-driven decisions

Unlock your team's potential by freeing up resources with, allowing your business to focus on core objectives and innovation. Reduce the workload and enhance efficiency by eliminating the need to create ad hoc segments & reports.

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Discover your peak productivity zone and explore the
possibilities with

Which of my casino active players last month
have not been active this month?
Show me the list of depositors last month
who are not active in sportsbook this month
Show total registrations, acquisition source,
conversions, conversion rate
 for the current year
Show the total NGR by month for the current
year for acquisition source [Organic] 
What are my total net deposits this month? List my top 100 depositors by deposit amount for
the previous month
List the top 20 casino games by total GGR for
 the past 3 months 
What was the RTP on casino games category
[slots] last month?
Show the total active casino customers and total
NGR for the current year group by month
Show the top 500 players with the most bonuses
this week. Include lifetime NGR in the result

All the insights you need at your fingertips

Game & Content


User Acquisition



Player Behaviour

 KPIs & Metrics

Custom Datasets

White-label solution

Elevate your business's service portfolio with a co-branded white-label solution, adding unparalleled insights to enhance your overall product offering and provide superior value to your clients.

Offer operators the insights they deserve

Deeper and meaningful insights aid operators in making the correct decisions without delays, optimising various facets of their product & marketing operations and therefore improving the bottom line for both providers and operators.

Customise your datasets

Tailor your data landscape to fit your specific business needs with, offering the flexibility to customise datasets according to your unique requirements and goals.

Uncover insights with natural language

Maximise the potential of your data by empowering operators to efficiently query every facet of information and derive the insights needed for informed decision-making.

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